Goal 1:

Meditate & Memorize

Read and meditate on the scripture our church will be focusing on each week this year. Commit to memorizing at least one of our shared scriptures every two weeks. Click here to view the verses we are learning together. 

Goal 2:

Invest & invite to jesus

Deliberately pursue a relationship with an unbeliever God has placed in your life. Plan out at least one way per quarter that you can invest in loving them practically (practice hospitality, serve, make a meal or dessert, etc.) and invite them to hear about Jesus.

Goal 3:

Pursue & plead in prayer

Pursue a deeper relationship with God in prayer. Pray & plead with God once a week for:

 • The spiritual & physical health of our children & children’s ministry, singles, youth & marriages. 

 • Our collective growth in pursuing being disciples of Jesus. 

 • Our love for and unity with one another. 

 • That God would use each of us (our whole church) to be his kingdom witnesses.