Each of our small groups, (that we call "Caregroups"), have resumed gathering in person, although in a modified format to enable social distancing.  Some of our groups are meeting all together, while other groups are alternating between men and women, to alleviate concerns about child care. Please email one of our Caregroup leaders below, (by clicking on their picture), to find out how their group is meeting and how you can get plugged into the community of their group. 

It is easy to feel isolated and disconnected in times like this – let’s not let that happen to any of us!

We are asking each group to think specifically about how they can be a lifeline to the most vulnerable.  Reach out to those that live by themselves with a phone call, text, or video chat, as well as any who are at greater risk of being adversely affected by the virus.  May we each model Christ's love to those in need around us.

Care Groups

Care Groups are an integral part of Redeeming Grace Church. They give us the opportunity to grow as disciples of Jesus by caring for one another. There are many different care groups that meet throughout the Greenville area during the week. Contact the church office for more info.

connect with a Care Group near you

  •    FIVE FORKS   

    Dave & Melissa Cooper

    Wednesdays 7:00pm

  •        GREER       

    Matt & Anna McCarnan

    Wednesdays 7:00pm

  •   WEST GREER  

    Dan & Kimberly Payne

    Wednesdays 7:00pm


    Doug & Ann Young

    Wednesdays 7:00pm


    Roger & Judy Eastin

    Wednesdays 7:00pm

  •      TAYLORS     

    John & Cass Pachter

    Thursday 7:00pm