Our Purpose, Vision & Mission

Our Purpose

Redeeming Grace Church exists to exalt God in the Upstate, through Gospel-Centered Community, Worship & Mission.


The gospel of Jesus Christ is how we receive our salvation, sanctification and hope for living a life pleasing to God. The gospel is not only the foundation of the Christian life and the church, it informs, controls and energizes all of our life, relationships and mission


Through our common faith in Jesus Christ, we have been made a spiritual family in the church. As His family, we share the deepest bond of human experience in God. We believe that our life is to be lived out in loving relationships with one another and in the world around us.

in our WORSHIP

All of life is to be lived as worship to God and He is central and supreme in our affections. We desire to express our passion for God in both our personal and corporate worship, praise and adoration of God, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

in our MISSION

God has radically transformed us and made us a new creation in Jesus. As such, now we no longer live for ourselves but for Him who loved us and died for us. We believe that all of life is to be lived on the mission that God has called us to, wherever we are and whatever we do.

  1. We envision being a haven, where the hope, clarity, acceptance, encouragement, rest, and healing of the gospel of Jesus Christ transforms the lives of the hopeless, confused, rejected, discouraged, weary, and hurting.
  2. We envision enjoying our shared life together, where our gatherings are permeated by a spirit of grace, welcome, humility & generosity, superseding our differences outside of the gospel.
  3. We envision living as a spiritual family that eagerly desires, humbly practices, and celebrates a broad variety of spiritual gifts, motivated & empowered by the Holy Spirit, for building up Christ’s body.  
  4. We envision actively pursuing the development of our individual and collective spiritual maturity through joyful participation in Sunday gatherings, small groups, Bible studies, classes & retreats
  5. We envision growing and flourishing continually in our worship of God, in gospel relationships, and gospel outreach through a diverse representation of peoples and nations.
  6. We envision shining as a gospel beacon and making thousands of disciples in the upstate, reaching every neighborhood within a 5-mile radius of our building and wherever our members reside.
  7. We envision sending out hundreds of laborers into the field, as a gospel-mission focused church, praying for, equipping, partnering with, participating in, and giving generously to church planting.

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   Our Vision      



  • To Be Disciples of Christ.
  • To Grow as Disciples of Christ.
  • To Make Disciples of Christ.

As disciples of Jesus, we are called to continually seek to be who we already are in Christ. We are also called to actively pursue growth in Christ. And finally, Jesus gave us our commission as disciples to go and make disciples of Jesus Christ. We are to always be about this three-fold mission that God has called us to as His children.