VALUES & Commitments


  1. GOD’S WORD – Our desire is to be students, who are submitted to God’s powerful and active Word in all that we believe and do. 

  2. HOLY SPIRIT – We are committed to being people led by the Spirit of God and we want to eagerly desire, develop and lovingly exercise the gifts of the Spirit for the good of the church. 

  3. CHRIST-LIKE – We desire to pursue growth in being more like Jesus, both privately and together, through the various means of grace that He has provided to His body.

  4. DEPENDENCE – Just as we depend upon God’s grace for salvation, we depend upon Him for all of our life and growth as well. We seek to be a people of prayer, who are Godward-focused and rely on the Holy Spirit. 

  5. GRACE – Because we have received God’s unmerited grace, we want to cultivate a culture of rejoicing in His grace and extending God’s grace to each other, while cherishing the diversity that God has given to us. 

  6. CHURCH – Each of us has been called to be active members of the local body of Christ. Every member has been given gifts to use and everyone is important for the functioning of the church body. 

  7. ENGAGING – We believe we have a responsibility to actively be engaged with our family, with the church and with the world that we live in, to carry out the redemptive purposes of God’s kingdom. 

  8. LOVING – Because we have been loved by God, we are to love God and our neighbor as ourselves. We desire to make love our aim in the church and in the world around us, so that we might glorify God. 

  9. SERVING – We desire to no longer live for ourselves, but through love, to serve others as God in Christ has served us and gave Himself for us. Our desire is for every member to be servants in our homes, in the church and in our communities. 

  10. GIVING – Because God has given us His Son and everything we need for life and godliness, we want to be a people who give of our time, our talents and our finances in worship to God.